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Encoding starts, then hangs



I have used MyDVD in EMC 9 successfully a couple of times. However, this time I'm stuck. I am working with an .mpg file I created from analog (VHS) input, using a new Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 150 capture card and the WinTV software that came with it. The .mpg file plays fine in this software and elsewhere (or as well as can be expected).


In MyDVD I was able to edit the movie (clip the length), edit chapters, add main and scene selection menus with customizing, etc., all fine. I saved the .dmsd file and can recall it and check everything. Validate checks OK. But when I select "Burn Project to Disc" and then either "Save disc image file" or "Create folder set," it starts to run then hangs. Specifically, the "encoding preview" window shows about the first three seconds of the film running, then it freezes. The progress indicators stay on 0%. At this point the program is locked up - I have to use Alt-Ctrl-Del to end the program.


I do not have "Burn to disc" selected, so I do not see how it can be a problem with my burner hardware (which is working alright in general). I am only trying to encode. I have manually updated the drivers for the burner, video card, and video capture card. I have defragmented the drive and there is plenty of room on it.


Any ideas?

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