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BUMP+SATA+Same Drive +firmware = confusion



Well I managed to confuse BUMP in my upgrade mania today. I wanted to go with SATA DVD burners and managed to find Samsung SH-S183L at Best Buy. relatively cheap and 18X + Lightscribe. Got one last night, tried it out, no problems, and got a second today. Got it installed, no problems with anything except BUMP. No problems with Roxio, Nero, and other burning software. No problem with windows either. Just BUMP. Evidently it use drive name and firmware version to list where you can backup to as far as CD/DVD. It only lists one drive, with the higher (F) drive letter, but actually burns to the lower (D) letter. Nothing I do will allow it to see 2 drives for burning. Under the area listing what to back up, it sees both drives no problem.

All drive letters, disk, CD/DVD, removable disk, and external HDD are listed.

About the only thing I may try is to revert back on the firmware on the second drive, just to see if it would then recognize the second drive. I am pretty sure it will from my experience with updating firmware on my other drives previously. It would "see" the drive as a different one after the update.

So any one else out there with 2 drives of the same make and model having any problems like that?


Edit - An update. I tried reverting the one drive back to it's previous firmware. Lo and behold, BUMP saw 2 drives to burn to. Updated back to current, now it only sees one. Now why they would use drive name and firmware to determine available drives is unknown.

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Well, thru some editing of the registry I have at least got it to list both drives. Unfortunately, it insists on saying they are both mapped to drive F, and when using either, actually point to drive D.

Everything seems to be under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sonic\Backup MyPC\6.0\Devices, but without a manual or map of the registry settings for BUMP it is hit or miss on getting to work the way i want to. I will keep trying for a while, but as long as I can back up to one of the drives, I can live with it. It would be nice to get it 100% thoiugh.

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