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odd Mpeg issues? CaN U help?



Odd. I record an mpeg video on my digital cam.

It goes on the memory stick. I think i have

played these on my laptop. Its not like

my regular video.


I think i am missing an audio or video codec.

When i goto play it on my lap top it wont play

in windows media player. ONLY Winamp.


I cant convert it with stoik, pinnacle dont

know what it is windows movie maker

says i need a codec and

roxio video wave wont import it.


Please if anyone knows where i can

get video or audio codec to get

these to play. Or if its on my laptop

i dont know i swear these use to play.

But now i cant play the video. YET

it says widows media.


thanks for any help


[e-mail removed]

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Thanks. Now i have a new problem. I use to take my .avi file into movie maker.

Export it. Ok now its wmv file. I take that into roxio. I make a dvd builder.

Save that as an iso. Then use disc copier to copy the iso back

onto a dvd as a dvd movie.


Fine. Worked back then. Something with real player messed it all up.


Why didnt i just burn the avi in roxio, it doesnt recognize it.

No codec maybe. Why didnt i burn the wmv and not make an iso,

because i get the error code when buring again no idea why.


But now i have a real big problem. I cant find a codec

to open the avi at all so movie maker wont convert it,

pinnacle wont and roxio wont inport it at all.

Stoik didnt convert it.


I can play it with media player but thats it.

No way to burn it.


Can you help me figure out what happen?


I tried avi players and even DIVX i cant get

this avi file into another file to burn and

i really need it. I think its so messed up

not having the right codec.




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I need help with the same thing, pretty much. I downloaded a few episodes of a show I wanted. The files were compressed using DIV-x, and both were able to burn to a disc.


Then I downloaded the rest of the season, however those were X-vid files. I tried adding those files in to burn on a disc but got an error message:

Could not add thumbnail. Make sure you have appropriate decoder installed. -47010.


However I am sure I have the proper decoder installed. The "Help" feature said if I can play the file in Windows Media Player, then I should be able to import it into MyDVD v7.

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