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RecordNow Audio burns but doesn't play



New (week old) computer with Roxio Creator LE by Dell. This will allow me to burn CD's from .WAV files that I transferred over from an old computer, and these CD's play fine everywhere. Try to use Creator LE to pick new music off of purchased CD's (in .CDA) and burn to a new disc, and a few seconds of the first song plays (choppy sound) and that's it. I also can't figure out a way on the new computer to save the tracks to the hard drive as .wav files. Guessing that I am missing something simple. Can anyone help? If I burn the songs as .CDA, this should theortetically play in any CD player, but if I burn songs as .mp3 or .wma, then the CD player has to be able to read these file extensions, which many (say mid 90's OEM auto CD players) won't. Is this correct?




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You're throwing a lot of terms around so let me straighten that up.


.CDA - Files found on a CD if you were to explore the disc in My Computer. These are not real files but shortcuts to files hidden within the filesystem of the disc. The format actually on the disc is WAV, although you would never know it by looking at it.


An Audio CD is a project in Record Now that will take wav, mp3, wma, etc and convert it to WAV or CD format and burn it to the disc automatically. If you want your disc playable in your car or stereo you should use the Audio CD project and let Record Now do all the work for you.


A Data CD is a disc which can hold all the different formats without converting them. This is good for transferring between computers will not be playable in your car or stereo.


If you would like to burn an audio disc as a compilation from a number of different discs, select to create and Audio CD and select Add files and then select the CDA files from your CD. Record Now will recognize that they're from a disc and make the appropriate conversions. You can also add tracks from your computer into this same project.


If you want to put CD audio onto your computer you will have to rip the audio CD. Since you have an LE version it is unlikely you have this ability. Fortunately there are many programs available online that you can find to perform this task.



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