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Custom and Widescreen DVD menus

Joel Nelson


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I don't believe Toast will work with 16x9 menus even if you used the existing Toast menus as a template in Photoshop. Toast would need to add the widescreen flag for the menu in the IFO and it doesn't know to do this. Maybe the developers will add widescreen menus in a future update.


Yes you can create custom menus in Photoshop. There is a Toast 7 Menu Styles Design Guide available for download somewhere here on Roxio's site. If you can't find it let me know and I'll look for it, too.


Some changes with Toast 8 menus compared with Toast 7 are you can choose among several options how many titles appear on each menu page, you can drop your own background image to replace the background of a predesigned menu and you can choose the highlight color for the selection of titles.

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