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Converted shows are 0Mb


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I have recently bought MyTV ToGo and have successfully converted a few shows without major problems. (except for a few sync issues, but I don't seem to be alone there).


A problem I am having at the moment that I can't find any other reference to however is this ....


When I convert a show without my Ipod connected, the operation starts and everything looks good. When the operation finishes however, the files show as 0Mb, both in windows explorer and the media center interface. Itunes opens, but the tv show doesn't appear in the library (probably because the file has no content).


I am then unable to re-convert the show as the mytv togo tells me it has already been converted.


Any Ideas?

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I've seen that issue before. You're gonna need to first delete the file that was created from the MyTVtoGo directory (should be under My Documents or the shared Documents folder). Delete everything in there, then open the program backup and reselect your options, click save, reboot the system and it should work ok.


Hope this will help,


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