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Audio from a previously captured video tape replaces the native audio in Production Editor



The Software:

Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5 loaded on a Compaq Presario 8000, with Windows XP Home Edition professionally updated to current.

The Problem:

A portion of audio from a previously captured video tape replaces the native audio in Production Editor, even though all previously captured A/V clips had been “permently removed” using Media Manager.

This problem prohibits me from editing the native audio/video for my new production.

This application is loaded on a computer that does not have internet access. I only use it for media productions. I have successfully created many other productions prior to this problem. What can I do to correct this problem?



• I created a DVD production from a video tape. After successful completion I deleted all of the original files, both audio and video, using Media Manager.

• Now, when I try to create a new, different DVD production, the first few frames of the production native audio is replaced with sections of audio from the previous production (which had been “permanently removed”).


• The video clips in Media Selector folders play fine with the correct audio.

• The video clips in Preview mode play fine with the correct audio

• It is only when I am in Production Editor that the audio is replaced with audio from a previous production.

What I have tried:

• Audio Editor displays the unwanted old audio, not the native audio that should be played, yet shows the correct video.

• In trying to remove audio (using the drop down menu) in Story Board, the Remove option is not bold, therefore I cannot use it.

• I totally uninstalled Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5, and then reinstalled it. The problem still exists.

• I deleted all A/V clips and re captured the new video, which plays fine in any mode except in production editor.

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DVD Builder and VideoWave make temp audio files for use when previewing your work. You probably only need to clear out those temp "proxy" files. With one of them open, go to Tools -> Options, then the File Control tab and delete the Audio Preview files.

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That should work.


This frequently happens if the video you just imported has the same file name as the video you just deleted..... although it sometimes happens for no apparent reason.

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