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confusing price options



One area where I do have a problem is the confusion of offers. I looked at the original offer I received, saw the dreaded mail-in rebate, and thought I don't want any more of that. Mail-in upgrades are a total pain.


I then saw a link to Roxio from another site that offered Toast 8 plus discounts on various other Macworld-related products. Choosing that took me to Roxio's site, where a banner offered an extra 10% discount if the purchase was made right away, with the mail-in rebate. Later, in the discussions, here, I saw a price that gave an automatic mark-down in price for upgrades.


In the past, with many of Roxio/Sonic Solution's choices, when you enter your country as Canada or change the currency to Canadian dollars, the price of the offer changes at a rate that doesn't reflect currency conversion. Before Christmas, I looked at a price for their PC software where the price almost doubled when you entered Canada.


I did go for the Macworld-related choice. but I would love to have one clear price for upgrades and one for new purchases, not involving mail-in rebates. The present system leaves me feeling that I'm being ripped off either because Roxio hopes that I won't do the mail-in or because I haven't shopped carefully enough to find the exact right deal.

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You're right! I missed the US only limit. If I had seen that line, I DEFINITELY would not have bought the software. I believe we went through the same thing last time with Toast 7, and Roxio eventually confirmed that the rebate was available in Canada. <b>Can someone from Roxio give us a confirmation about whether the rebate is available to Canadians?</b>


In any event, I do think that Roxio should NOT be offering a mail-in rebate for on-line purchases; it should be a straight discount.


Thanks for pointing this out, as I was about to mail in the rebate form.


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I have to admit that I am also rather disappointed at the pricing for Canadians. A couple of things bother me.


First is that I went to the upgrade (from Toast 6) and saw that the price is EXACTLY the same as I would pay for Toast 8 if I had never bought Toast before. The US$79 price appears to be available to anyone. I am almost certain this was also true (at least in the last days) of Toast 7 when I considered upgrading (before Christmas, and before I knew Toast 8 was coming). I am pretty sure the upgrade and new price were the same then, even though the upgrade was to the next version. Not that Roxio HAS to have an upgrade policy, but the web site sure makes you believe that loyalty will be rewarded and that there is an upgrade path when clearly there are only selected upgrade paths, and non were for me.


What makes all the above moot though, for Canadians is this:

The second issue I have is that when I bought Toast 8, I changed the country to Canada and the currency to CAD$. I was still given a $20 coupon in my basket, when in fact the $20 rebate is only for US customers. I think that's really misleading. It does clearly say, in the coupon, that it only applies to the US (and District of Columbia), but unfortunately I only read the coupon after I bought the software. I think the appropriate thing for Roxio to do would have been to alter my basket when I chose Canada and to take out the coupon, since it clearly doesn't apply. I sit here disappointed that I had to pay CAD$116 for software that should have cost me (and I thought cost me) US$79.


I don't think Canadians are being given a fair shake and I think the marketing strategy Roxio follows is, to say the least, underhanded. By this I mean boldly saying $79 and then in small print "after $20 rebate", on their world-wide site, with no mention that this applies only to people from the US.


Maybe I misunderstood something somewhere, but the above is my understanding after buying Toast 8 a couple of days ago.


Thank you

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Guest ivanatrox

I believe our inside sales department at 1-866-280-7694 could answer all your pre-sale questions and give you the best price, in US dollars or Canadian...

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