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TivoToGo and closed captioning (CC)



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Good news! The 8.0.1 update for Toast now enables closed captioning (CC) in the Toast Video Player application. I can watch my Tivo shows that have been downloaded to my Mac, and the captions display correctly.


However when I burn a TivoToGo show to a DVD via Toast, it will NOT play back the captions on a stand-alone DVD player or via Apple's DVD player - even though I am able to view the captions on my Mac.


I guess it's time for Roxio to work on the 8.0.2 update to Toast to enable it to preserve CC's when burning DVD's. EyeTV is able to send shows to Toast to burn to DVD and the CC's are preserved.


Oh well. Thanks for the update!! Now I can put TivoToGo files on my MacBook and watch them on the road, even if I can't burn DVD's with CC's.

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If you download a CC show to your Mac, you can "TivoGoBack" it to the Tivo and the CC's will show. You need to hold down the shift (?) key when launching the latest version of Tivo Desktop, and you will see a video tab that you can use to configure this hidden feature which allows you to upload video content from your Mac to your Tivo.


I'm also very disappointed that the ElGato EyeTV-based Tivo Player does not have CC support when EyeTV itself does. I used to use EyeTV to record (Send to VCR) stuff off the Tivo and preserve my CC's. Was hoping that step would have been eliminated by TivoToGo for Mac. I guess not yet.


Hurry up Roxio/Tivo and fix this feature for those of us who want CC's on their shows. I paid $$ for Toast 8 and I don't have full access to TivoToGo, because I can't understand any show I take off my Tivo.


If you really want TivoToGo functionality on your Mac with CC's, you can find a old CC decoder and put it "in front of" your Tivo's TV signal, and the Tivo will record the CC's which actually become "open" captions. Now you can use TivoToGo, Orb, or Slingbox to placeshift your Tivo recordings!!

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Tivo files are not DVD compliant and must be re-encoded. When a re-encode happens, all CC info is loss. There is no fix for that, it's just the way it goes.


If you want to keep the CC, you need to set Toast to never re-encode. This will save the CC, but the DVD may not work on you DVD player. If it does play, then you can have a DVD with CC. If it doesn't play, you have to re-encode and loss the CC

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