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v 7 Font problem fixed in 8.



It appears the font problem in 7, in the link below, that wasn't Roxio's problem, is mysteriously fixed in 8. If you don't have the fonts installed it again defaults to what looks like Lucida, like it used to do up to 7.0.2. LMAO.




BTW I didn't try this on a copy I purchased, someone else did. So it appears if we own 7 we're stuck with this problem.


It ticks me off they can't admit fault. Thanks Roxio for a quality product.

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I honestly suggest to not turn of system fonts. Bad things can happen.

Thanks, I'm quite aware of the fonts necessary to run the OS, I do this type of thing for a living. The fonts I turned off are not the specific ones needed by the system, they are just system supplied. You may be a Digital Guru regarding disc recording, but on this matter you obviously speak of things you have limited knowledge on. Talk to any graphic arts professional about font management before making such statements. You're talking to one now as a matter of fact. :) Since I'm not a regular here, let me fill you in on my experience. I have 25 years in as a graphic arts equipment repair tech, the past 13 of it repairing Macs, mainly for clients in the printing industry. I've got a pretty good grip on this. :huh:


Read the following before passing judgement, starting on page 6 of the PDF is pertinent to our conversation;




I've done a lot of research on this before posting about it. I make sure it's not a fault on my end first, it's my job. Roxio fixed something in v 8 that they broke after v 7.0.2. In a nutshell, if the font they specified for the menus was not installed it used to at least default to something. After 7.0.2 nothing appeared, no menu text. v 8 went back to using a default font.

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