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I am a new user and have the same problem with adding text to slideshow. If I have say 1,2,3,4,5,6, frames in my slideshow and I add text to frame 1 and then click open frame 2 the same text as frame 1 appears, also on frame 3. If I then edit the incorrect text in frame 3 to what I require then open frame 4 the text from frame three is on it. If I decide to click open frame 1 the text I have just added to frame 3 appears on frame 1 image. I do not have much hair but what I do have is being torn out. I am contemplating buying a rival package when I have just spent £60 on this one. I am desperate.

I also added a sound track or several to a long slideshow but when I preview the show the sountrack does not play even though the legend says audio track added.

My main concern at the moment is adding different text to each individual frame.



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This is how I would add text to a particular slide. The suggestions and attachments are from the EMC 9 "Videowave" program for producting a slide show and NOT slide show assistant. Open up Videowave, add your photos to the frames (1 thru xx) and then if you want to add text to a particular photo frame, make sure that frame is highlighted by clciking on it and then if you follow the sequence of the three attachments shown below, it should add the text you want to ONLY that particular slide, and should NOT be duplicated on any of the other slide frames.



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