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Rename doesn't work properly when capturing DV video



After capturing video from a DV video camera, I went over to the right side where Previously Captured Video's are displayed and renamed my video files. Only problem is the name I changed it to did not carry over to the Windows file in the folder it is stored. In fact if I RT click on the newly named captued video within the Previously Catured Video display area and check the properties of the file, it tells me the name of the file is the original default file name (Captued Video 0000#) even though it shows I changed it. I do not have the option of naming the file before I capture it from the camera so this is a real problem as while I capture, make video on the camera shows the date the video was taken on the screen as an overlay that does not capture over. I name the files with the date it the video was shot. Yes I know I can just go into my Windows file folder and change the name there but I shouldn't have to. Roxio Media Creator 7 let me name my file and it would carry over to Windows as well.


The other problem is that after I close capture and go back into it, it only shows my Previously Catured Video files until I begin caturing more/new video. After that all the old stuff that was there disapears and only "recently" Just this session videos are displayed.


I called support and there is no fix at this time.

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Yes I do have the option of changeing the name. Just in only changes it while the cature window is open. It does not change that Windows file name.


Threrfore since Windows Media Manager is the same as just opening My Documents, My Video's and seeing the windows file and foler names...they are still all called Catured Video 0000#. So again the rename doesn't carry over to actually change the windows file name.


Also, Yes Previously Captured is actually RECENTLY IMPORTED. When I first open capture it shows what was last captured. As soon as I capture something, what I previously saw as recent I guess is now old because they are no longer shown in Recently Imported.


i have even changed the names and had it reuse a Captured Video000# default file name so then it erased something I had previously captured.


Yes I know I used Roxio Media 7 before but it should still take the renamed file name and actually also rename the Windows stored file name. I have made at least 15 DVD movies so I have done alot of video stuff.

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I do thank you very much for the visual. It REALLY helped. I did not know that was a box I could change. It did not look like something I could change. I thought it was just a reference pointer to the Cature Now button next to it. It did not look like a box you could edit. I got home and tried it out right away. It's 1am and I guess I'll go to bed happy I know something new.




It would still be nice to "rename" the file in the right side capture window and have the change continue into Windows.

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Threrfore since Windows Media Manager is the same as just opening My Documents, My Video's and seeing the windows file and foler names..
I have no problem capturing to ANY filename that I want. I will post a shot later to show you how. I've had to restore my PC so everything isn't reinstalled yet.


A LOT of features have changed since V7. Perhaps you should read through the EMC9 manual and take some time with the tutorials to learn how V9 does things.


I edited this post to reflect my findings. I got EMC 9 reloaded and I have no problem doing EXACTLY what you say that you can't do. I captured a file using a filename of MY CHOICE. Then after it was done, I renamed the file in the recently captured list. This filename change was indeed reflected in Explorer. see below.



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Things change. Forget what you know about V7. Software works the way it was DESIGNED. Not how you think it should work. I don't have Media Import 9 installed at the moment, but if I recall, that dialog box IS titled 'recent captures'. If you want to view all of your captures, you need to use Media Manager.


You DO have the option of naming a file before the capture. Look for file PREFIX. I use it all the time. Just change the words 'captured video' to what ever you want.

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