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Burning VOB files



I have a number of PAL formated VOB files that I want to re-encode into NTSC format. Disc Copier will re-encode and burn playable DVDs, and it carries over the original chapter markings. But the Menu function is very limited and there is no fit to disc function (The main reason I moved from EMC8 to EMC9). If I import the VOB files to MyDVD, whether the original PAL files or the Disc Copier NTSC re-encoded files, two problems occur:


1) there is no sound on the movies tracks after encoding even though the movies preview properly in MyDVD. The menu sound plays, but not the movie track sound


2) the manual chapter edit does not function. The slide works, but the time position remains at 00:00. So trying to manually insert a chapter mark returns an error that no chapter mark can be placed with 5 seconds of the first frame. This problem occurs with any VOB file.


The automatic chapter marking funtions works fine. So that becomes my only alternative to a single file movie.



The only work around I have found was to export the VOB files from Video Wave as MPG2 files then re-encoding them in MyDVD which is terribly time consuming, and the whole file size issue.


Is there any way to work with VOB files in MyDVD, or do they just not play well together?


I've tried the following with no positive results:


1) deleting and reloading the current versions of video card drivers.


2) importing both PAL and re-encoded NTSC formats to MyDVD


3) importing the files (PAL and re-encoded NTSC formats) to Video Wave first, saving the project, then importing to MyDVD


4) spending hours on the phone with Tech support, with only a "maybe it's because it's a Dell" speculation (which well my be the case).


System Config: Dell Dimension 9150, P4 dual core 3.0 Ghz, 1GB real memory, ATI x300 video card w/128Mb running XP Home SP2 (current except running IE 6, not IE7 and Media Player 9, not MP 11).


Any solutions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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I see said the blind man to his deaf dog. I read a somewhat unrelated post from a while back that steered me in the right direction. I'm not generally prone to brain freezes that last as long as this one did. So, many thanks to whoever wrote the post which turned on the light for me.



And I'm red faced about how simple the solution is. VOB files are essentially just MPG2 files, so by changing the extent to MPG the problem is solved.


Perhaps I should call Tech Support tomorrow and ask them to add this one to their problem resolution tickler file.



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