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CD Won't Play In Car CD Player



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Did you use CD-R or CD-RW? CD-R has less reflectivity thatn a commercially pressed CD; CD-RW has even less reflectivity. Some players - and it seems to be noted in cars more than other places - can't see any data when they try to shine a laser on it :)


(I'm assuming an Audio CD; obviously an mp3 CD would have additional factors involved.)



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I burned my first CD tonight. It says that it burned successfully, but when I try to play it in my car or in my home stereo system it just says error and won't play. But if I play it in my portable CD player with headphones, it plays fine. Any ideas?


Did you make an audio disc or an mp3 disc? Does your portable CD player play mp3 files? Probably neither you car or your home stereo would usually play mp3 discs. What application within V8 did you use?

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