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Commercial DVDs?



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Well, it's sort of illegal, at least.


As the law stands now, it's perfectly legal for you to copy your protected DVDs, as long as it's done for archival purposes. However, it's illegal for anyone to make software that will allow you to do so. That's why I was wondering if Roxio had maybe strapped on a pair and made software that would let me back my DVDs up, despite the goofy state of the current law.


Fortunately, there is a solution. It looks like I'll be Edit instead of upgrading to Toast 8. Although I might still upgrade just to get away from that ridiculous Toast 7 interface.

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Just a caution: Roxio does not allow discussion of ways to get around copy protection of discs in its forums. The federal law is that while making personal-use copies of copyrighted material can be okay it is against the law to defeat copy protection in order to make those copies. So there is no legal way (in the U.S., at least) to copy commercial DVDs because essentially all of them have copy protection.

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