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Label Creator


have Label Creator and figured out how to add the track # and the duration of the track and paste it into a label...


but, I can't edit (add or modify the text) - is there a trick or is this thing just nonfunctional...


thanks - Gary

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I think this is non functional.


I have uninstalled the whole program, defrag, etc etc and then re-insatlled twice (without any virsu programs etc)


But to no avail. I have like EMC versions over the years and not had need to come to these boards as the software has worked!


I have just posted a web ticket to see if an answer can be squeezed out of the support team re editing text

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I would say it is flaky rather than completely non functional. Sometimes after filling in the track info, clicking OK (then undo twice to make it visible!), then double click, make a change to track text, click OK, the change sticks; at other times it does not.


On the subject of the tracks addition page, I would like to see an option where you have ability to add a line of text not associated with a track, then some tracks, say 1 to 4, then another title, etc.


For example if you have a CD with 2 classical symphonies, it would be better to be able to put the name of the first one a separate line above tracks 1 to 4, then a line with the name of the second one, followed by tracks 5 to 8. At present I have to add the titles to tracks 1 and 5 which are the first movements of the two pieces, followed by tracks 2 to 4 (6 to 8) for the other 3 movements. That a) makes the text for tracks 1 and 5 very long, and :) looks untidy.

If there were a way of spacing out the tracks selectively, I could add the symphony titles as text overlays, but I haven't found a way of creating a space between any two tracks (leaving one empty screws up the numbering).



Also I would like the ability to line up track duration in a column to the right, rather than following on one space from the (variable length) track text, again this would look neater.


If there are ways of doing the above, I'd be most grateful for instruction.


PS I'm referring to the track list for the back cover of the jewel case. I realised rereading the thread that maybe that is not relevant to disc labels (which I don't use as I don't have a tool to stick them on properly).

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