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I am suprised that the Video from Video_TS Copy Options does not include the option to copy all the items in the selected Video_TS folder EXCEPT the main movie. I find the option to Copy All the folder (with or without compressions), or to copy the main movie only. Logically, given the option to copy the main movie only, the option to copy ALL EXCEPT the main movie should also be an option.

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If you say so. Seems a strange request to me.


Here's a concern. When Toast burns the movie only it also strips the DVD of its menu. That's okay because there is only one thing on the disc: the movie. If Toast let you keep everything but the movie - and still removed the menu - how would you find what you want to play? If Toast left the menu then the play movie setting would link to nothing and possibly freeze the DVD player if selected.


Plus, you'll be saving those copyright warnings and previews.


If you want to extract certain parts of a VIDEO_TS to burn to DVD, place the VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop, choose DVD video as the format in the Toast Video window, and click the Media button to enter the Media Browser. From here you can have the different titles (or chapters) contained in the VIDEO_TS appear in the left window. Select the ones you want and drag them to the Video window to have Toast extract the MPEGs. Now you can have Toast author a new DVD with just those extras you want to burn. Note: you lose the original menus doing this.

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