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Could not detect any supported recorders


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I just purchased Easy CD & DVD Burning. I'm running Windows XP with a TSSTcorp CD/DVDw2 TS-H552D on a new Gateway GM5084 PC.


The installation and whenever I try to open DiskCopier gives the error:

Disk Copier could not detect any supported recorders. Please ensure your recorder is properly connected. If the problem persists, please re-install EasyCD & DVD Creator.


I did uninstall and reinstall, but still get the error.


Windows did not lose the CD/DVD drive after installation, and I'm still able to get to the drive. (I saw several postings about this problem, but it doesn't seem to be mine.)


I've never had another version of a Roxio product on the PC. Could this be a problem with the product and my CD/DVD hardware? Does anyone have any suggestions?



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It's possible your drive is too new for ECD6 - it can't recognise it in the database.


Unfortunately, I can't find the make/model of the drive online (Gateway are very coy about that - they just state the speed and nothing else) and the Roxio database for ECD6 seems to have vanished (the link given here takes you somewhere totally different)




v7 upwards should work for you - instead of the internal database for drive detection they used an active detection based on the drive firmware which basically told the software what it was - 6 didn't do that and it checked the drive against its own list - if it wasn't on that then it wasn't a writer (or so it thought)


One other thing - IE7 and WMP11 will also break all Roxio programs up to v8 (and are also starting to cause problems with 9) so if you installed those - uninstall them and roll back

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My attempt to google the drive suggested it's DVD-DL, which is what I suspected. Howver, I didn't find a definitive list of specifications, and didn't click thru.


Version 6 DOES have Dynamic Drive Detection, but this program's software had it's last update in 2003 (the fact Sonic re-released it notwithstanding). And DVD-DL came later than that. If you are lucky it might recognize the burner as a generic drive, but apparently you aren't lucky.


Caution: EMC 7 and above require a minimum Operating System of WinXP SP1 or Win2K SP4. Check ALL System Requirements before committing on that - Video, memory, etc.



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I always found the detection in 6 very hit and miss Lynn really


Anyway - I did find the specs for the OP's computer and it should be able to handle EMC9.


Rellison - first of all, update your video card driver to the latest from nVidia or ATI (whichever it is) and also install the latest DirectX 9.0c (December release) from www.microsoft.com


Then give EMC9 a 30 day test run (it has some modules missing as far as I know but all the basic stuff is there and working)



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I got curious and installed V6 on my other PC. Both of the DL burners were detected and operational in Classic, Disc Copier and DVD Builder.


Of course they cannot be used with DL media as V6 is not capable of that, but otherwise they are detected and usable. Sony DRU-710A & Benq Dw1655 firmware bcdb.


That PC is running XP Pro SP2 but uses IE6 & WMP9.

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