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Drives not detected after reinstall of the software


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I reinstalled Easy CD/DVD Creator that came with my HP laptop, and now, the software does not detect any drives anymore.

After install the software asks to reboot the computer multiple times to update the registry.

Please help. Note that Easy CD Creator 5.0 works fine.

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Are you trying to use both the OEM (HP) version and ECD5 at the same time?

No. I tried my install CD first which is version 6.0. I got the problem, uninstalled it, and installed OEM version 5.0 which was in the SWbackup folder on my laptop image. This one worked.

I then tried to reinstall OEM 6.0, but it said that I needed to uninstall 5.0, and I got the same problem.

OS is XP SP2

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You havew me a bit confused as to whether the problem is with 5 or 6


For 5 and XP, read this post




To install 6 (if 5 was uninstalled) you'd really need to run roxizap and the MS cleanup utility to remove all traces from the registy and then install 6

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And the URL for roxizap is in the FREQUENT ANSWERS post pinned to the top of the Forum - you did read that, didn't you? :)




The problem is with 6.0. I did run Roxizap before installing 6.0.

I noticed that 6.0 does not work with IE 7.0. That might be my problem since Microsoft Update updated my computer before I reinstalled Easy CD Creator. When the FAQ says does not work. Does that mean the burners are not recognized?


Thanks in advance.

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