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New computer, can't install EMD 7.5



I recently transfered to a new computer. The old computers hard disk resides in the new computer but not as C: drive. I have reinstalled all of my old software on the new drive. However, EMC 7.5 won't install because I purchased it as an upgrade and there is no "qualifying software" on my system. The "qualifying software" is actually on my D: drive but apparantly EMC installer doesn't see it.


I've attempted to resolve this with Roxio but only get boiler plate responses from them. They want me to call there for pay technical support, assuring me I will not be charged. However, the automated response requires my credit card number. With all the trouble I have had in the past with them, I do not trust them to not charge me with their automated phone system.


Am I just SOL? Does anyone have a suggestion? I would really like to use the product I have payed for.

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