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Start up error



The following problem has been sitting with Roxio tech support for 3 weeks, with no answer. Can anyone help?


"Problem: Technical Support...DVDIt! Pro HD...How to/Usability




12/20/06 5:52 PM When I attempt to start DVD Pro HD, I get the following error message, and the program fails to start.


"file:///C:/Program%20Files/Common%20Files/Roxio%20Shared/DLLShared/SAR_HTML_9/activation.htm? "

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As per the error message point to the activation.htm file, will it possible that your anti-virus/anti-spam/anti-popup/anti-**** software prevent the activation.htm file run?


Sure it is not a common problem cause I have no problem at all running the program on three systems.


It is too "open" about why this happen. Say, even some toolbar program will block pop-up windows.


Try to disable those anti-virus/anti-blah blah blah and see. Sure turn them on afterward.




Another idea:


Your hard disk drive has some glitch that some files were not properly installed in your system (in this case, activation.htm). The program cannot access those files, so it gives error and cannot run.


You may try to run a disk check (right-click the drive and select Tools) to scan your hard disk drive. Re-install the program again and see.


Just my two cents for you...

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