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Restore from Mac to PC





I recently upgraded to Toast 8. I just copied many files from my PPC Mac (using the Mac & PC option) to seven DVD's.


Now I need to copy these to a PC and according to the directions each DVD will include one executable for the PC and one for the Mac platform (RRLAUNCHER.EXE, RoxioRestore.Exe, the latter in a subdirectory by the same name save for spacing) .


Which one is for the PC? That would seem to be a braindead question just by executing both and see which one launches on the PC. However, with either file it makes no differece as either executable will not run the program.


The OS on the PC is XP-Home. On the Mac is is OS-X.



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Open the the system processes and you should see the app running. If you do, it still working on opening the index. It can really take a long time on the PC. The UI doesn't display until the index is opened.


Still nothing. The process is showing active in Task Manager but I think after >8.0 hours it should have executed by now <grin>.


Any thoughts on what may be going on here?

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The app will auto launch when the disc is inserted. It takes some time to open because it has to load the index file, which can be very large when lots of files are backed up.


If it doesn't auto launch, you can launch the RoxioRestore.exe


Thanks Freshburn, but it is not launching automatically...nor doing so if one selects the file and attempts to execute it manually.

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