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Hangs midway in render process

J. Richard


EMC 9 – MyDVD hangs while rendering for 8.5g DL DVD


1 hr 50 min video hangs at 56% while rendering (no error msg.) Have edited out area where it hangs numerous times & tried again, but it always hangs at 56% (and it takes forever to get to this point.) Before starting the process, it states 7,636 mb used, 904 mb free. I always select fit to disk, HQ, no menus. When I split it in two and burn two 4.7g DVD’s, it runs with no problems, so the video file must be 0.k. I have used the same process to render & burn six other DL disks at just under 2 hrs ea. with no problem prior to this. I’ve taken all the suggestions in this forum that I know about (latest DirectX, defragged C: & external, turned off Norton, SpySweeper, RoxWatch startups, internet, etc.)


Is the program treating it as 4.7g selected, even though it displays my 8.5 selection?

(56% of 8.5 = 4.7 – coincidence?)


Dell 2350, Intel Pentium4 @ 2 GHz, 1g SDRAM @ 266 MHz, 60g on C:, 160g on external HD, Sony DRU710A DVD+R DL. (External HD was FAT, converted to NTFS)

Captured video is on external HD.


Thanks for any help!

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Set it to burn to a Disc Image instead of burning to the disc.


If this is successful you can use Disc Copier to burn the image (ISO) to disc.


If not, then there is something in the source files or transitions that is causing it to balk.


Thanks, James -

Every time I have made a large .iso file in the past, then burn to disk, it has burned a good portion, then failed, ruining an expensive DL DVD. At least this other problem doesn't waste disks - it hangs before it gets there. It would be nice if there were an error message explaining why.

Is Roxio fully ok with doublelayer DVD's? (Of course the program says it is.)

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Yes MyDVD and Disc Copier can write DVD Movies to both the 'dash' Dual Layer and the 'plus' Double Layer media.


Classic can write a Data DVD to both but only as a Read Only burn. For Sessions it can write only to 'plus' Double Layer media.


Know what you mean about the expense! I drove to Philadelphia (100 miles round trip) to buy a 3 pack of the 'dash' Dual Layer media to play with. Destroyed one (my bad), wrote a movie with another and used the third for Sessions with another software. I have some 'plus' on the shelf, but only one of my 3 Players can read DL's and only one of my 4 PC's. It isn't worth using them for me given the low compatibility but it cost me quite a bit to find that out.


I have the same burner as you – Sony DRU710A. I am running the BYX5 firmware (Disc and Device Utility). A check on their site (Firmware Update) indicates BYX5 is the latest/greatest.


Have you changed media brands lately? If not, how long have you had this media? What brand is it?


Grasping at straws because I don't see anything jumping out with your PC…

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