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buzzing interference in videowave



I can get as far as editing the video, cutting out the bits I dont want, then as soon as I start adding photos to the production the video starts to jerk, the sound is awful, like a radio programme off the station.

I tried re capturing the film from the camera, I have checked in media manager preview and it has imported fine. I have updated my Nvidea graphoic card, which Roxio recognised. I dont know what is causing it.

It is very disappointing. I had Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 which was fine for a while and relable, and then it started doing this. So I invested in version 9, uninstalled 8 so had a fresh start. I can't believe it is happening again.

I would really welcome any suggestions please.


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Thanks James,

NVidia was updated this week and Direct X last weekend. I just updated the sound card on your advise (it needed updating) and the problem remains.

Here are my specs. I welcome any further suggestions.




CPU=AMD Athlon XP 2100+ ~1.7GHz

Memory=1535 MB

1.73 GHz 1.50GB Ram

OS=Windows XP Home Service Pack 2(5.1.2600)


Creative SB Audigy

NVidia GeForce 6800 GT

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