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Exported file nowhere to be found



I'm using Toast to convert an Mpeg-2 clip to DV. After it finishes encoding, the output is not where I saved it, and using spotlight to search for it doesn't turn up anything. I should say here that I'm trying to save to an external hard drive, and supose that might cause a problem, but I don't really know why that would be.


The odd thing is that when I try to export another file to the same directory as the previous one, the 'save as' dialog box shows my missing file. Any insight here would be greatly appreciated.


The more frustrating thing is that it appears as though this process has zapped 6GB from my internal hard drive. My understanding is that Toast needs some temporary space to work with, but shouldn't that space be temporary (i.e. it is freed up after I restart)? Could someone tell me where the temporary directory is located?


Thanks in advance for your help!




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A good bet is the missing file is on your internal hard drive. Toast doesn't need space on the internal drive when it is exporting to an external drive.


So here's a quick update on what I found:


When navigating to the folder on the external drive where I saved the file from Toast, Finder shows nothing, no DV file. HOWEVER, when I navigate to that same folder using the Terminal, it IS listed (interestingly, many of the other files in that folder, which are viewable by Finder, are not listed).


For some additional weirdness, when I delete the file using the Terminal, it frees up space on my internal hard drive.


I suspect that this isn't a Toast problem and is an issue with OS X. Anyway, there you have it.

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