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MyDvd LE 6.2 lost video decoders



Got initial version of MyDvd from Dell; was supplied with a registered upgrade by Sonic several months ago. I have been burning Tivo video files to this program for months; worked great.


PROBLEM: All of a sudden, when I try to add files to a project for burning, I get a "cancelling" bar, then the message "The software that's used to decode the media is not available on this system. Installing the correct decoder files you are working with may help to correct to problem".


I do not no how to obtained the "correct decoder files" to install them. I have looked EVERYWHERE on the internet and cannot find a suggestion for getting my decoders back.


I have installed the Windows Video Decoder Checkup Utility and no Sonic/Roxio decoders show up. I just installed a new driver version for my Logitech Pro 5000 webcam; it was after this that the decoders were lost. Help -- I've got to get Tivo files off my PC because they are eating up all my hard-drive space. :)

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Okay, SOMEHOW that I have not been able to reproduce, I got that Roxann idiot to direct me to a patch that solved my problem. I have no idea what magic combination of keywords I entered to get her to take me there. I was dumb enough to run the patch without saving it to my computer first (in case I need it again), and try as I might, I couldn't remember how to get back there.


The good news: it worked! I have found an easier way to find patches than asking Roxann. Roxio Home/Support/Software Updates/MyDvd has two. I'm pretty sure that one of these is what I used. I know that this seems like the thing any dumbbell would have done to begin with, but if you've tried to use Sonic/Roxio support, you probably have experienced it's user-unfriendliness (to be kind). Also, every time I asked Roxann for updates, I got directed to a page wanting me to buy a new product.


Hope this helps someone with the same problem. If you are running an applicable version of Sonic MyDvd or Roxio RecordNow you might want to download and save the patches now in case you run into trouble later and can't remember how to get to them.

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