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Editing And Burning Eyetv Mp2 Files In Only One Re-encode?



Currently when I archive EyeTV recorded rograms, I first record them (1.3 GB), clip out commercials and compact the file (1.3GB), export to a Toast-compatible MPG file (0.9-1.1GB), and then wait for Toast to reencode the file (1-1.3GB) Needless to say, this takes an awful lot of time, and surly is shortening the life of the HDD.. It seems kind of silly to have to reencode the same 45 minutes of video *3 times* just to burn it out..


Is there somthing out there that can take an EyeTV mpg file, edit it, and preferably dump the data directly to VOB files to burn directly to a UDF DVD? I have MPEG Streamclip, but don't know which demux option to use. Or can anyone recommend some (relatively) simple MacOSX sample code that deals with viewing and copying MPEG2 data at the GOP level (VLC can read both EyeTV mpg files and VOB, but it's such a huge and complicated program..)




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I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for (your last paragraph was a bit too technical for me). But, have you tried the "Burn to Toast" option in EyeTV? After you have edited your program, close the edit window, highlight the program then select "Burn to Toast" from the File menu. The will load Toast and place the file into the Video section of Toast. If you do it this way, you can eliminate one step by not having to Export out of EyeTV Also, Toast will read any markers in the EyeTV file as chapters.




FYI I'm using EyeTV 1.8.4 and Toast 7.0.2

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"I have MPEG Streamclip, but don't know which demux option to use."


In Mpeg Steamclip, select "convert to MPEG with MP2 audio" that will make only one file (mpg2+mp2)

In toast 7 select custom encoding and in encoding/reencoding select "never"

That will prevent "in most cases" encoding process... it will skip it and go only to the multiplexing part.


If you use toast 6.x, it will work also... there is no reencoding settings to move

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Also, if necessary, choose never re-encode in the Toast Custom Encoder settings.


Is Never Re-encode only available in Toast 7? I don't see it on 6.0.9. Also, will "Auto-Play Items" ensure that all chapters will play in sequence, or only that the disc will start the *first* chapter automatically instead of going directly to the menu?

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The custom encoder settings are only in Toast 7. I presumed you had Toast 7 because you posted in the Toast 7 forum rather than the Toast 6 forum.


As I recall the Auto-play items in Toast 6 provides continuous play from one title to the next without returning to the menu. Toast 7 has separate check boxes for Auto play disc on insert and for continuous play. Seems that you'd appreciate Toast 7's improvements over Toast 6.

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