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How many .Sd2f imgaes can be mounted at one time?



What is the maximum number of .Sd2f images that can be mounted simultaneously on a Macintosh with sufficient memory? Mounting an image appears to create a process, so please assume that the maximum number of processes has been increase to the limit allowed by the Mac Tiger/Darwin OS:


kern.maxproc = 2068

kern.maxprocperuid = 2068


I am finding that if I try to mount many images at the same time, sometimes an image refuses to mount. Once an image refuses to mount, it will continue to refuse to mount, though other images may mount. After a restart of the computer, the refusing image mounts just fine.


I'm also finding that once I've done ~ 50 image mounts, with ejects when I'm done, Toast will sometimes balk at some but not all mount requests. I do not understand the pattern.


It doesn't seem to matter whether I do the mounts via a contextual menu mouse click, and automator script, or from the mount menu command in Toast 7.


I would appreciate guidance from an expert who knows the coded limitations built into Toast, or from someone who has developed a work-around.




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This is beyond my expertise but your description sounds to me to be unrelated to Toast. It sounds like a Finder or OS issue. Another place where you might get some expert advice is at the OS 10.4 forum at discussions.apple.com.

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The limitations are not in Toast, but in the Finder. The Finder only allows up to 4 disc to be mounted at once it seems. Toast simulates mounting images as real discs in the finder, but after mounting several images, the Finder will start to misbehave.


There's not much you can do besides wait until Apple improves this.

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