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Disc recovery mode during disc copy?



I've read about Toast's disc recovery mode, as an option to turn on during a disc copy. It's described as helping with scratches on the disc etc.


Now and then, I find that my DVD-Rs will mount on my MBP desktop but copying files from them will sometimes fail, and the files that fail will simple disappear from the disc window in the finder as I click on them. If I eject and reinsert the disc, the file icons will be back, but might disappear again if I click on them. The same disc and files are fine on the same machine when accessed from Windows XP under Bootcamp. So I am guessing there is some OSX software issue that gives up on reading files from the disc if the seek/access delay is too long.


Does Toast 8's disc recovery fix that kind of issue? If so, it's a pity if it only does it during a disc copy. It would be useful to have an option like 'copy disc contents to hard drive with disc recovery mode'. I guess a workaround would be using disc copy, saving the results as a disc image, and then copying the files from the disc image to the hard drive (if that's the ultimate destination you want for the files)?



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