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cant uninstall emc7 please help!



have tried to uninstall emc7 but failing miserably please help me. have uninstalled most files attached to this but it wont let me fully delete them all.have tried using remove programs that didnt work.have also tried repairing and reinstallation im now starting to go mad you cant get through to roxio via live chat! so im now asking kindly for your help i am new to all this and am very confused could anyone help me resolve my problem.

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have noticed this has come up a few times. when i go on to it it tells me that it could affect other programs so have been a bit scared to actually try it.


also how do i know which one to download?


There is only one download available on that page.

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i am also having this problem--

i tried the disk clean up--didn't work



here is my problem--


i have had emc 7.5 on my pc w/windows xp for over a year--always fine


then a couple weeks ago it started going crazy--trying to update itself when i start up my pc--and not doing anything but trying to install updates--it asked my to put in the cd but did nothing.


so i decide to remove it all for my system--can't uninstall--then i did the clean up--can't uninstall it--


wtf? now what do i do?

please help!

val :(

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You just posted to a long-dead thread (dating back to January)


Uninstall from add/remove programs, download and run msicuu.exe from microsoft and run that. Remove any Roxio/Sonic entries it finds and also any folders that may be left on the drive (you may have to unhide folders to find some of them)

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