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Adding Subtitles



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If your movie file is compliant with the DVD standard (audio and video), no re-encoding is needed.


Make sure the "Convert all compliant video and audio files" in Project Settings is unchecked.


Adding subtitle is easy in DVDit Pro. You can type in line by line or import them from script.


I download subtitle from the Internet and convert the format to Sonic format. DVDit Pro can import them right away inside the project.

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Wing cc. thank you for your answer. I also download subtitles from the internet and I am trying to add them to the movies, however an error message appears and says that the format is not correct. Could you please help me (step by step) how to create or change the subtitles so that they have the correct format for importing.


Thank you.

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hmm.. about subtitle.. i also have the same problem???

i got an anime movies... fansubs that is... when i tried to burn it to dvd using dvdit pro6...

the subtitles has been cut off... and it seems like there is a little margin when i make the dvd...

is there anyway to remove or adjust or anyway that the subtitles can be read???


Please help me...

thank you so much...


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