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animated buttons?



ok, here is really dumb question but i just can't seem to figure it out. i want to add buttons that are animated windows of the movie that it's linked to. i know there are all those preset schemes you can load but when i add an mpg to my project it shows up with just text and when i try to change the button, nothing happens. i'm guessing it has something to do with the menu screen? meaning the menu screen has "links" (that are just "chapter 1" or whatever) to another screen with chapters and that is where the animated buttons are? i just can't seem to get it set up right......seems very combersome for some reason. i had DVD 7 and it couldn't be easier. even if i add a submenu under the first menu and add a movie i still can't change the button....actaully, it;s not even a button....it's just text. i'm sure it's user error, but could use some help.....thanks!

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Let us know how it goes.



will do!


i'm also having some issues with locking up and taking a long time to save a project to .mpg-2. i have a AMD core-2 (2.1 ghz x2) with 2 gig ram and like 400 gig storage with a g-force 6200 graphics card. i was using MYDVD 7 and it converted huge files (4 gig) in about 10-15 min or less and took less the 3 min to burn to disc.


seems like creator 9 is really acting like a pig, and i'm just wondering if i'm doing something wrong. i'm using video wave to edit my movie and add transitions....nothing too crazy...maybe 6-10 frames with transitions and some text and effects overlay and it took like 40 min to convert it to an mpg-2 and it was only about 450 meg. is that what i should be doing, convert to an MPG-2 then add to mydvd to create my dvd? and do the times sound about right? maybe i was just spoiled by the simpler MYDVD 7.


thanks again for all your help guys!!.....and gals



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