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Record Tivo Files w/ out Tivo on Network?



I am trying to import some Tivo recordings into Toast 8 and I am getting the following error.


".... is in an unsupported format and cannot be imported."


Here is my setup. I am using an old G4 TiBook (at home) to do the Tivo transferring to an ext. firewire HDD. I then bring that HDD to my work mac which has a much faster processing power (and a DVD burner) to be able to handle reencoding/burning of Tivo shows via Toast 8.


When I installed Toast 8 on my work mac I made sure to install the needed Tivo files as well.


So, why would I be getting this error.


Don't tell me that a Tivo has to be found on the network just to be able to import and burn shows to a DVD! If so, that is a very poor decision by Roxio to do. Some of us have multiple macs and on different networks. I want to use my older (dinosaur slow) G4 Tibook to transfer the shows to an external HDD. Then, use my much faster PowerMac to do the importing and burning of the shows to a DVD.


Please tell me this is possible. :)




Okay. After doing some more troubleshooting, I think I figured it out.


I had to fire up the Tivo Transfer app. and apply the 'media access key' and change the default of where the shows are saved to my ext. firewire HDD.


After I did that, the shows showed up in the Tivo Transfer app. I then highlighted them all and click on the 'Toast It' button. It fired up Toast 8 and correctly added the shows.



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