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Question Re: Removing Roxio and Sonic Software For Clean Install



Hello, I'm a new Roxio EMC9 customer and new to this forum. I installed EMC9 on my new Dell XPS410, WinXP MCE, not knowing that I needed to uninstall Roxio and Sonic software that came on it. When it wouldn't run, I restored my computer to out of the box and found this forum. I began a clean install, this time removing Dell Cineplayer, Roxio and Sonic software and before I could load EMC9, I found that my TV tuner wouldn't work. I got a decoder error. Dell advised to reload Dell Cineplayer and Sonic software and not to remove them again.


If I do remove them again, will they be replaced with the EMC9 install so that my TV tuner will work? Is it possible to install EMC9 (and have it work) without removing Cineplayer and Sonic software?


Thanks for any assistance!

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I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you. I have solved all my EMC9 problems using this forum. I am not sure if I ever had to post a question or not, but I have read and read, and read, and have found solutions and answers to my questions. I have notice your name many times dispensing suggestions, some pertinent to the problems I was experiencing. I am not sure if this was the right place for this, but I was doing some brushing up on some subjects and this one you helped me with earlier. Take care, keep up the good work.


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