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No update grace period



We purchased 2 copies of Toast 7 in December from Amazon. Now that Toast 8 has been released, we just found out that we have no option to upgrade other than paying $50 per copy. This information came from an inside sales representative at Roxio.


So, if we want Toast 8, not only will our copies cost approximately $130 ($80 + $50) per copy but we will then also have to install Toast 7 first and then upgrade it.


I think this is wrong. Most software companies have a grace period where you get a free upgrade if you just purchased an older product within the last 30 - 60 days.

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Likewise I purchased Toast 7 recently (I haven't checked up on exactly when yet) but for my purposes, the current "improvements" on offer don't warrant a £40.00 (UK) spend.


I would have expected a much kinder upgrade cost on a recent purchase from Roxio, so this in turn affects my attitude to buying other products from them.

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