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cineplayer hangs



I have just bought and installed EMC9 and it has given my PC new frontiers, even the sound of my creative labs soundblaster seems to have improved although I do not know whether this is all my imagination, and I was hoping to say goodbye to the insane GUI of Nero entirely, however the EMC9 Cineplayer does not function so I am for the time being stuck with the Nero player.


The sound I note seems to be superior to other players but It plays only for a couple of seconds on EMC9 Cineplayer then hangs as if paused! It does move on if I fiddle with the mouse then it hangs when I stop moving the mouse???


I have tried updating my drivers, reinstalled Windows Mediaplayer 11, and tried some of the fixes that I have found here but none have worked!


I had such a sorry experience with Nero that I hung fire on a further investment in Roxio with skewed thinking that it might be the same! However I have found that Roxio is IMHO in a far superior class of its own such that I cannot believe Roxio would send it out with a cineplayer that doesn't function. So I would be happy for somebody to tell me it is operator error and where I am going wrong.


I have 1Gb Ram, 1.6 Ghz AMD Sempron processor and on-board graphics Windows XP Home(lol) Automatic windows updates enabled


Thanks for all help :)

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Thanks! I did have a Geforce 256 Mb FX5200 but I took it out and put it into a friends computer so that the DVD burner I put into hers would play DVD's on her NERO lol of course I didn't know I was going to be getting Roxio at the time! Her 12 year old son nabbed my Saitek Joystick too for the flight simulator I installed for him :) so I'm grounded now!


Thanks for advice, I'll be going for an AGP I think next time and I normally like to run two screens for the flight sim and AutoCAD so I'm not sure which card I'll go for but open to suggestions!


Unfortunately I havent got PCIExpress slot

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It's worth a shot - try rolling Windows Media Player back from 11 - it seems to be causing problems elsewhere


Thanks for the suggestion! I rolled back to WMP 9 and it still didn't work. Reduced resolution to 800*600 and it works with occasional stuttering and picture freeze the picture resuming if I move the mouse. :) ???


The picture that I get looks to be higher quality than with Nero Player when I do get it so could this be because it is too up market for the on board 32Mb graphics of my PC?


Thanks again for your help! :huh:

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32 MB graphics is a VERY strong possibility for the failure


For EMC9 you do need a dedicated reasonably up to date graphics card (especially for video work).


IOf possible, get a card and fit it to the computer - a rough guide as to what type is


if all slots inside the case are white - it's PCI

if there is one brown slot at the right of the white ones - it's AGP

if there is one black slot at the right of the white ones - it's PCI-e


The cards aren't interchangable so you have to make sure you have the correct one. Try for one with 256 MB graphics

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