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verify disc burn error



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Works on mine! Maybe you could supply a little more detail?


Where is a "Select All" option? Haven't seen one of those.


Don't you use the "Add" button instead of the shaky D&D mouse method?



Thanks for the question. "Select All" refers to "Edit" menu option in windows explorer used to select all files and subfolders in "my documents" folder before using mouse to D&D. I have tried both D&D mouse method as well as using the "Add" button in media creators "Data Disc" creator. Both end in an apparently usable disc however with message "one or more of your files do not match their original" Thanks for your help.

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I tried it with Explorer but all add without a squawk. Since I cannot replicate this, I cannot really offer any help…


There is a tedious way of testing to isolate the file/files that are causing this. Instead of Select All, pick the first 10 or so files and add them. If no message, add 10 more etc. until you get the message.


Once you have narrowed the selection to a group of files, clear the project window and add one file at a time into the project until you get the message. Tell us what that file is.

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