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Disc Copier ISO creation issue





I'm using EMC9 and i'm having an issue creating DVD ISO images that include an AUDIO_TS folder.


My DVD player will only accept DVDs with both VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS, so i need DISC Copier to create the AUDIO_TS folder when burning a DVD or creating an ISO to burn later.


I create a parent folder called "MyDVD", under that i create two folders;





Within Disc Copier i select the parent folder "MyDVD" as the source DVD-folder. I also select "Include data (ROM) content from source. When i browse the burnt DVD or ISO the AUDIO_TS folder has not been burnt.


I would create the DVD in creator classic but of course it tells me to use disc copier.


The system i'm using is a Dell latitude D610.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I use Classic for this but you have to trick it!!!


A couple of ways to do this but assuming you have the AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS folders for your project on your HD, rename the VIDEO_TS on your HD to something else. VIDEO_T for example.


Add them to the project pane in Classic and rename the VIDEO_T to VIDEO_TS.


Be sure you set your Properties to UDF, No Bridge and select Read Only when you burn.

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Well James' suggestion works.


It's just a shame that Disc Copier ignores the AUDIO_TS folder

Glad it worked!


AUDIO_TS has always been a part of the DVD Movie Standard which has never been implemented. It is a shame that some Player require something that is empty!


But I agree that since some do need it, it should be automatically included.

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