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Burned DVD won't play

Peter B


I regularly use EMC 7 to burn edited videos to DVD-R.

In almost every case so far, the discs have played fine on

all DVD players I've used.

Now I've hit a snag with my daughter's Eltax DV-280.

It plays commercial DVDs OK.

It plays DVD-R discs I've burned using Sonic's MyDVD burning software

(so we know it plays DVD-R and we know there's nothing wrong with my burner

or with the discs).

I recently switched to using EMC-7 as it's quicker and more flexible than MyDVD.

When the Eltax tries to play discs burned with EMC7, the menbu is clearly visible,

but when yuio press Enter to play the video, nothing happens.

Put in a DVD burned with MyDVD and it plays fine again.

The DVDs burned with EMC7 work fine with all other players I've cmoe across.

Weird, huh?

Grateful for any ideas!

Peter B

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You could try a couple of different brands, maybe even try +R


DVD players are strange beasts - very picky over what they will and won't play (and strangely enough, the worst offenders are the high end ones - the cheap and cheerful ones from A.Non of Taiwan usually play anything you throw at them)

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