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How To Modify Menu Styles



I'm trying to create a DVD with three videos using the Retro TV menu style. The thumbnail for the menu style shows it as 6-up with the titles beneath the TV icons, yet the DVD I burn only has the videos 2-up with the titles to the right, two on the first menu page and one on the second. Is there any way to modify the setup so that I can get all of the sections on the first menu page like the thumbnail?

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No, you cannot do this.


Each Toast menu style has layouts for 1, 2, 4 and 6 button configurations. The various layouts give you the greatest possible thumbnail size and lines of text, depending on the number of video or slideshows that you add to the disc.


If you add 1 video or slideshow to a disc, you will get the 1 button layout. If you add 2, you get the 2 button. If you add 3, you will get a 2 button layout on 2 different screens. If you add 4 or 5, you will get the 4 button layout across one or two screens. If you add 6 or more, you will get the 6 button layout.


The styles are fairly simple layered Photoshop files. You could duplicate an existing one, remove all but the 6 button layout layer, and then use that one. Toast would then always default to the 6 button layout, regardless of whether you have 1 video or 3 videos on the disc, etc.


Here's info about how to create and customize the menu styles with Photoshop.



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