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Vista advertising blitz starts


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As January 30 approaches, the Vista advertising blitz is swinging into full gear. Got spammed at my Hotmail account this morning. The hook was various contests and prizes and language that equated Vista with space exploration ie. cutting edge technology. BARF! I didn't read too closely and most certainly didn't click the link to investigate further. I did however click the link to turn future marketing promotions OFF . . . :)

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Have you seen the Apple counter-ads on TV? Amusing....


I saw that tonight and found it very amusing.


A PC getting ready for 'surgery' to install all the new components necessary to upgrade to Vista.


They used the same two actors standing in a stark white room that they used in their "Christmas present" commercials.


Makes me look forward to the next ad.... :)

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Interesting one here (in an e-mail I got from Tech Republic) - seems the Big Blue ain't too happy about its baby (the PC spec) being hijacked by MS


"...IBM will not use Windows Vista -- but will move to Linux desktops

IBM cancelled their contract with Microsoft last October which means that they will no longer use Windows for their desktops. Beginning July, IBM employees will begin using a Red Hat-based platform...."


In the same post:


"...The City of Chicago goes Linux, saves over 85 percent in the process

Big elements such as the vehicle registrations system, online job applications, restaurant inspections and more were migrated to a Red-Hat system in order to reduce costs and improve support, performance and scalability...."


"...Korea migrates 120K civil servants to Linux desktop

The Korean government is to buy 120,000 copies of Hancom Linux Deluxe this year, enough to switch 23 percent of its installed base Microsoft user to open source equivalents. So another 120,000 users...."


"...Dell refunds Linux users who ditch XP

Dell, a massive player in the computer market have obviously accepted the need for this as an option for those users who do not wish to have Windows. A reasonably good gain as far as the consumer is concerned...."


It looks as if MS has managed to shoot itself in the foot :)

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