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Recording with my Microphone?



Hi all,


Any help would be appreciated. :huh:


I have got an electret condenser Mic. plugged into my PC. When I try to put narration onto a slide show I can barely hear what I think I've recorded. What am I doing wrong? Do I need a different Mic. ? I have the same problem when I try to record in the 'Sound Recorder'

When I capture video from my Digital Camcorder I use the same Mic. which is fine, but that is when it is plugged into the camcorder.

Does any of this make sense to anyone?

As I said, any help would be appreciated.




Spartacus :)

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It's possible there is an impedance mismatch with the mic but try checking the volume control properties in the task bar - make sure the slider is up and it's not muted (it is by default)


Hi gi7omy, Thanks for the reply. I've checked that the sliders are maximum and it is not muted. I am unsure what you mean by an impedance mismatch :) I was advised by Maplin that the mic would do the job. I must say I've had a similar problem with a different mic on a different computer but never bothered before. I am now using a Packard Bell PC IMEDIA 2469

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'impedance' is the charactertistic value expressed in ohms on any AC coupling (resistance is the DC version).


With a mic, the impedance value is determined by its type - they are available in a variety of values (high impedance, low impedance are usual)


The impedance on the mic should match the impedance on the sound card socket - hence impedance matching or impedance mismatch


Check btw you have it in the right socket - it's easy to get them mixed up.


I use a relatively cheap headset myself on the computer and it works fine - I'd never dream of using my good ones from the transceiver for it tho

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