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Can I burn MPEG4 video files to DVD with Popcorn 2?



I have a MacBook w/ 2.0 GHz C2D running 10.4.8. Specifically what I want to do is burn TV show episodes (24) purchased from the iTunes store to DVD (in order to watch on my TV instead of having to connect the MB to my Sony LCD TV, or spend $300 on iTV (or I guess now it is Apple TV). Can I also do this with .mov QT files?


I have seen conflicting reports as to whether or not this is supported with this softwear (CNET's review says NO, but a user comment on the review says YES). I don't see this stated on the Roxio website (if it is, I missed it). If it is supported, is it easy to do, or does it require some type of complex manipulation of the settings or some hacker trick.


I am waiting on finding this out before I plunk down the purchase price.


Thanks in advance for any info.


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