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Error 1402, the problem persists

steve foley


I tried all that Highlander suggested but still the hated Error 1402 again came up near to the end of the very long installation.


Now I give up on this. It simply does not seem to matter what I do , ERROR 1402 reigns supreme.


Ok, I have alternative CD burning Software now Installed with no problems and if that does not do the trick I will buy Nero.


My point is this. Having worked with PCs since 1985 and having owned several since 1988 I have bought and installed countless pieces of software some from big names such as Microsoft, Computer Associates etc, etc and others from smaller Shareware companies. This, EMC9 is the only one I have bought which not only would not Install even part of the suite but which it would appear requires a tremendous amount of User Involvement even to Registry Level to get it work if one is lucky. That simply should not be necessary!


I have to say that the latest e-mail for Sonic/Roxio stating that their new Software is Windows Vista compatible made me have a bitter laugh, "Yea, sure. Try getting it to work with Win SP Pro first, is what I say.


Totally disillusioned former customer :)

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