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Can someone explain eDVD Skin Builder Pack



I currently have Roxio 9, but it has been over a year since creating a DVD (and on old Roxio 7).


I want to add additional effects etc.. and saw this eDVD Skin Builder Pack here




However I dont understand what this is actually used for. Forgive my ignorance, but can someone explain what exactly is this used for and how it can better my DVD output.


Thanks in advance,


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Ok thanks for your input, I had just seen this product under accessories on the Roxio main page.

Thought it was an enhancement to Roxio EMC 9.


With that stated, are there any enhancements/add-ons for EMC 9?



Basically - nope


There is supposed to be a patch coming out shortly - not sure when but no 'add-on' packs

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