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Watching Macintouch's Toast 8 section, I came across the answer to the media browser crashing problem. Here is the answer thanks to Christopher Baier:


I have recently installed Toast 8 and have transferred several programs from my TiVo. No problems so far.

However, this morning I added custom icons to several of my folders (copy and paste icons into the folder's info box), including the folder where my TiVo shows are downloaded.

I tried starting up Toast this morning and it would come up and then unexpectedly quit.

I noticed that one of the windows that was open in Toast was the Media Browser, which was set to the TiVo tab.

I figured that adding the custom icon was messing up Toast (it probably saw the invisible icon file in the TiVo folder and was trying to look at it as a movie file).

I moved my TiVo folder, created a new one with the exact same name, moved my TiVo recordings back into it and was able to open Toast again.

It was just a stroke of luck that all this happened right around the same time and that I could see the TiVo tab in the media browser, otherwise I would have been pulling out my hair in frustraion.

Kind of a silly, but odd problem.


Thanks to Christopher for solving the problem that had been vexing me for a week. :)

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I have had the same problem, and I also changed the folder icon to the tivo icon. When I get home tonight, I'll try that fix and see if it works.


Patrick, you don't have to respond to my emails about this, in case you were thinking of doing so.

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I must be missing something. Whenever I point the Tosat 8 Media Browser's upper popup menu to TiVo, Toast crashes. The TiVo Recordings folder path is unchanged. TiVo Transfers are successful. I have deleted the Toast and Roxio preferences, but no luck. Ideas?


You've got e-mail!

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