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Blu-Ray burning



With the purchase of the new toast, (Toast 8 Titanium) would it be possible to burn to a BD-R for back up purposes only using off the shelf iMac G5 Power PC? I'm not interested in making videos but would like the space afforded by BD-R technology for back up burning and what not. Once a disc is burned, then will the disc drive in the Mac read the Blu-Ray format? This is why the software is appealing to me but if I can't remove the data from the disc, the I'll wait until I can. Please let me know what you know! Thanks

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Hi, I'm just trying to back up with toast on my blu-ray drive (MCE Internal, Mac Pro 2x2.66).


As described in the manual, I created a partition and backed up the disk image to create a Mac Volume Disc. It backed up niceley, however there is no way I can read whatever is on de BD disk now. When inserted it is not recognized as a valid format and restore application don't even see the disk when inserted.


I just want to backup DV and HDV video in the same way as Toast Dynamic Writing but in BD-R instead of BD-RE.


Any help highly appreciated!



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