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ROXIO EMC 9 conflict with ACRONIS True Image



I am favorably impressed with Easy Media Creator 9. I also use ACRONIS True Image Home 10.0. For those unfamiliar, the Acronis TI software enables backups of not only individual files, but categories of files and even the COMPLETE DISK with all operating system files. I often work with partitioned drives and Acronis allows me to make full image backups of partitions or even a complete disk. Restoring from Acronis is great because the DVD's are bootable and can restore to a totally empty drive or partition. ("Bare metal restore").


PROBLEM: After installing Easy Media Creator 9, the True Image backup fails because the DVD drive is not available. Roxio software ties up the DVD drive completely and does not release it for use by other software packages. Acronis fails on a "DVD busy" error. Stopping Roxio services and jobs does not seem to resolve this problem. The only cure I have found is to completely UNINSTALL EMC 9. (Not very satisfactory.)


PARTIAL SOLUTION: Using VCOM Partition Commander and System Commander, I created a separate partition where I can put a small (4 GB) installation of Windows XP with Acronis True Image Home 10.0 When I boot to this partition, I can back up anything on my disk because I am no longer in a partition that runs ROXIO.




1) Add a new "tool" to the tools list that allows users to temporarily DISABLE/ENABLE Roxio control of the CD/DVD burner so that other DVD burning software can run without conflict.


2) Publish file handles and procedure calls for other software vendors to write software that is compatible with ROXIO drivers without generating any conflicts. (Perhaps for a modest license fee.)


3) License the Acronis technology to add FULL IMAGE backup capability to the next version of EMC. This would make the backup capabilities of the EMC suite more complete.


If anybody has a tip or a trick that I have missed, I would sure appreciate your comments.

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Ironic, earlier version of Acronis required D2D or other packet writing software to work!


I would check their site to see if this has been reported/corrected…


As Gary mentioned, there is an option in D2D to Exit the program. Likewise, if you might want to use it from time to time, you can leave it installed but disable it from automatic startup through msconfig.

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