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Burn Disk from Image File only one speed 2.7x



I am seeing only one burn speed option; 2.7x for creating a DVD image file for EMC 7.2; is this a software limitation? In the background I in Classic I see a potential of 8x but the only menu option shows 2.7x, too slow for me. This software came with my Plextor drive so I thought it might have speed limitations for the non shrink wrap version.

Any info on this would help





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It depends on the disc you have in - if it's RW then 2.7 is the max for that.


Although a drive may go to 8x, it actually depends on the disc. The firmware reads a small info track which tells it what the max write speed is and it will not go above that

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Thanks for the info; I found three different brands of media; two were unlabeled for speed; these could only achieve 2.7x must have been old media. Then I found a maxtor 4x DVD-R and it shows the max as 4X.


Thanks for the clue; I didnt think we had old bulk media floating around



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