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The Numbers Behind Windows 95, Vista

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The Numbers Behind Windows 95, Vista


By The Associated Press


Some numbers behind Microsoft Corp.'s evolution from Windows 95 to this month's consumer release of Windows Vista:


Common retail price for Windows 95: $89.95


For Vista: Depends on user configuration. Upgrading a PC from Windows XP would cost as little as $99 for Vista Home Basic edition, up to $259 for Vista Ultimate. Suggested retail prices for those versions range from $199 to $399.


Number of lines of code in Windows 95: 11.2 million


In Vista: 50 million is a commonly cited figure, but Microsoft refuses to confirm that officially.


Approximate number of Windows 95 programmers: 200


For Vista: More than 2,000, according to one Microsoft developer's blog, but Microsoft also won't confirm that.




Source: http://www.redorbit.com/news/technology/80...ce=r_technology

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